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Academic events

20 April 2018
14:00 - 17:45
Drift 23, Utrecht, room 0.13

Seminar with Dorothea Gädeke (Goethe Universität Frankfurt)

On Friday April 20th in the afternoon, the ERC Fair Limits Project is organising a seminar with Dorothea Gädeke (Goethe Universität Frankfurt).


14.00: welcome & introduction of participants

14.10-15.45: discussion of two papers by D. Gädeke on African (political) Philosophy: ‘Relational Normative Thought in Ubuntu and Neorepublicanism” and “Is and Ought. How the (Social) Ontological Circumscribes the Normative.”

15.45-16.15: coffee & tea break

16.15-17.45: Dorothea Gädeke will present her current research project: Rethinking Republican Freedom from ‚Below‘

Summary: The (neo-)republican conception of freedom as non-domination conceives of freedom as the antonym of slavery. And yet, a critical analysis of actual forms slavery has hardly received any attention in republican debates. Freedom has been conceptualized from the perspective of the free citizen who already enjoys freedom. The project aims to reread the republican notion of freedom through the eyes of those who had to fight for their freedom by looking at struggles against racist, sexist and classist domination from the late 18th century onwards. The workshop will focus on the struggle of slaves against the Atlantic slave trade and on the anti-colonial struggle in Africa.



The seminar is open to all scholars and graduate students in political philosophy/theory and related fields.

Participants are expected to read the two papers, as well as short extracts from the writings of Frederick Douglas and Steve Biko before the seminar.

Place: Drift 23, Utrecht, room 0.13 (entrance via de UU humanities library)

Registration is free but compulsory: send an email to Ingrid Robeyns, i.a.m.robeyns@uu.nl who will then send you the required reading.