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16 February 2018
13:00 - 17:30
Central London

Nature of Prosperity: Ethics and Utopias (CUSP and the William Morris Society)

Ingrid Robeyns will speak at a symposium on the Nature of Prosperity. The event will offer an afternoon of philosophical conversations on the themes of ethics and Utopian thinking, and how they can inform concepts of sustainable prosperity. The event will feature a keynote address by Lord Rowan Williams on the enduring relevance of William Morris for contemporary thinking on Utopias and the ethics required for a sustainable economy and society.

This is followed by round-table discussions bringing together Ruth Levitas of the William Morris Society and Tim Jackson, Director of CUSP. They will be joined in conversation by Rowan Williams and other contributors to the CUSP collection: Roger Scruton, Ingrid Robeyns, Melissa Lane and John O’Neill.