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Christian Neuhäuser
Affiliate member
Christian Neuhäuser is Professor of Political Philosophy at TU Dortmund University. His research focuses on theories of dignity, theories of justice, philosophy of economics and philosophy of international relations. As an affiliate member of the Fair Limits Project he has... Read more
Petra van der Kooij
Affiliate member
Petra van der Kooij is an affiliate member of the Fair Limits project. She holds a Master’s degree in Human Ecology: Culture, Power and Sustainability (Lund University) and a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Sciences (University of Amsterdam). She is interested... Read more
Matthias Kramm
Affiliate member
Matthias Kramm is an external PhD candidate and an affiliate member of the Fair Limits Project at Utrecht University. He holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy (2009) from Munich School of Philosophy and a Bachelor’s degree in Theology (2014) from... Read more
Dorothea Gädeke
Affiliate member
Dorothea Gädeke is Assistant Professor in Political Philosophy at Utrecht University. Her research focuses on Republicanism and theories of structural injustice, power and democracy, especially regarding the relations between the global north and the global south. She is particularly interested... Read more
Sem de Maagt
Affiliate member
Sem de Maagt is an assistant professor in ethics and political philosophy at Utrecht University. He is one of the core teachers of the Philosophy, Politics and Economics Bachelor. He works on the intersection of meta-ethics and applied (political) ethics.... Read more
Michiel Esseling
Project intern
Michiel Esseling is an intern in the Fair Limits project. He holds a bachelor's degree in Philosophy from Utrecht University, where he is currently enrolled in the Research Master program in Philosophy. He is interested in many subfields of practical... Read more
Savriël Dillingh
Project intern
Savriël Dillingh is an intern for the Fair Limits project. He is currently completing his Master’s degree in Applied Ethics. He is interested in Business Ethics and political philosophy, particularly in cooperative markets, theories of justice, Anarchist economics, basic income,... Read more