Fair Limits (project archive)

Dorothea Gädeke

Dorothea Gädeke is Assistant Professor in  Political Philosophy at Utrecht University. Her research focuses on Republicanism and theories of structural injustice, power and democracy, especially regarding the relations between the global north and the global south. She is particularly interested in the republican notion of domination and its relation to Critical Theory. In her recent book she uses this lens to critically engage with the idea and politics of democracy promotion. Her interest in African philosophy reflects her concern with structural injustices by confronting relations of domination within academia itself.

As an affiliate member of the fair limits project she is interested in confronting the liberal paradigm with critiques articulated in African contexts and Critical Theory.

Before joining Utrecht in 2018 Dorothea taught at Goethe-University Frankfurt and at TU Darmstadt in Germany. She is a research associate at the University of Johannesburg and has been a visiting scholar at Princeton University, USA. She received her PhD from Goethe-University Frankfurt.

Recent publications include:

  • Does a Mugger Dominate? Episodic Power and the Structural Dimension of Domination. In: The Journal of Political Philosophy 28/2, 199-221
  • “From Neo-Republicanism to Critical Republicanism” in: Leipold, Bruno/Nabulsi, Karma/White, Stuart (eds.): Radical Republicanism. Recovering the Tradition‘s Popular Heritage. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2020)
  • “Relational Normative Thought in Ubuntu and Neo-Republicanism”, in: George Hull (ed.): Debating African Philosophy. Perspectives on Identity, Decolonial Ethics and Comparative Philosophy. London: Routledge (2019), 269-288
  • “How to think the World? Achille Mbembe on Race, Democracy and the African Role in Global Thought”, in: Constellations 25 (2018), 497-506; Politik der Beherrschung. Eine kritische Theorie externer Demokratieförderung. Berlin: Suhrkamp (2017)

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