Fair Limits (project archive)

David V. Axelsen

David V. Axelsen is a lecturer in political theory at the Government Department of the University of Essex. He works on distributive justice, basic and relational equality, individual responsibility, global justice, nationalism, migration, the methodology of political philosophy, big data, and cyber harassment.
Increasingly, David is becoming converted to the basic tenets of Limitarianism and is currently working on a project on what makes extreme wealth distinctly bad as a social and political phenomenon.

While his conversion to limitarianism is relatively recent, he has long been evangelical about co-authoring, which should be clear from his recent and forthcoming research publications:

  • Axelsen, D. V., & Bidadanure, J. (2019). Unequally egalitarian? Defending the credentials of social egalitarianism. Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy
  • Spiekermann, K., Slavny, A., Axelsen, D. V., & Lawford-Smith, H. (Forthcoming). Big data justice: a case for regulating the global information commons. The Journal of Politics
  • Axelsen, D. V., Bidadanure, J., & Meijers, T. (Eds.). (2020). Luck Egalitarianism: Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen and His Critics. Routledge.
  • Axelsen, D., & Nielsen, L. (Forthcoming). Harsh and Disrespectful: Rescuing Moral Agency from Luck and Choice. Social Theory and Practice
  • Axelsen, D. V. (2018). Against institutional conservatism. Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy
  • Slavny, A., Spiekermann, K., Lawford-Smith, H., & Axelsen, D. V. (Forthcoming). Directed Reflective Equilibrium: Thought Experiments and How to Use Them. Journal of Moral Philosophy.