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7 June 2018
16:00 - 18:00
Drift 25, room 0.02

Katrin Flikschuh (LSE): Completing One’s Life

Katrin Flikschuh (London School of Economics) will give a lecture ‘Completing One’s Life’.

Is it possible for one to complete one’s life and, in particular, to do so prematurely? By one’s completing one’s life I do not mean one’s determining the point at which to end it. Nor do I mean one’s having lived a fully rounded or distinctly autonomous life. Instead, I mean one’s actively bringing one’s life towards the point of its final demise, and in so doing perhaps to reconcile oneself to the fact of one’s death. Accomplishing this task is generally thought to be easier for the elderly than for those who know they will die prematurely. However, in social contexts that place a premium on personal autonomy, even the elderly may find it difficult to complete their lives. For those who confront death prematurely, their inability to complete their personal projects is especially painful. In this paper, I draw on modern African writings on personal destiny to canvass a moderate alternative to autonomy-based conceptions of a person’s life and her comportment towards her impending death. More specifically, I ask to what extent the personal destiny account may be better equipped than the personal autonomy view to reconcile a person to the fact of her premature death.

Utrecht University
Drift 25, room 0.02
Utrecht, The Netherlands

This talk is free and all are welcome.

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