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Academic events

28 November 2018
10:00 - 16:00
Utrecht, Netherlands

FL Workshop Series: Limits to Wealth?


10.00-11.00: Christian Neuhäuser (TU Dortmund), “On Ingrid Robeyns’ Limitarianism. Towards a political account of limitarianism based on self-respect.”
11.00-11.20: Coffee & Tea
11.20-12.20: Danielle Zwarthoed (Université Catholique de Louvain), “Autonomy-Based Reasons for Limitarianism.”
12.20-13.40: Lunch (included)
13.40-14.40: Dick Timmer (Utrecht University), “Can there be a neutrality objection to limitarianism?”
14.40-15.00: Coffee & Tea
15.00-16.00: Ingrid Robeyns (Utrecht University), “The Ecological Case for Economic Limitarianism.”

Dick Timmer.

Attendance is free. Limited number of places available. Please register before 14 November 2018 (k.d.timmer@uu.nl). Papers will be circulated two weeks in advance and we expect all participants to have read them beforehand.

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3512 BL Utrecht
The Netherlands
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