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13 - 15 November 2019
TU Dortmund, Dortmund, Germany

Workshop: Extreme wealth as a moral problem

Dick Timmer and Chris Neuhauser will host this 3-day workshop at TU Dortmund. Confirmed speakers are Ingrid Robeyns, Lea Ypi, Alan Thomas, Lasse Nielsen, Chris Neuhauser and Dick Timmer.
About the workshop
Questions about the accumulation of wealth have acquired a new urgency in recent years. Economic inequality is fierce and still rising, both within countries and on a global level. It contributes to, among other things, social and political inequality and distributive unfairness. In light of this, there is a pressing need for work in normative political theory that engages closely with the question of what the justice has to say about the rich and their wealth. Are there distinctive features about the rich compared to the ‘merely’ affluent that we should worry about in particular? Should there be limits to how much wealth and income people can appropriate? And what kinds of institutions and policies are most defensible in curtailing the harmful effects of extreme wealth?
In this workshop, we want to consider the place extreme wealth should have in thinking about justice. We do this by critically examining ‘limitarianism’, which is the view in distributive justice which advocates that it is not morally permissible to have more resources than are needed to fully flourish in life. Ingrid Robeyns (2018) has coined and defended this view, arguing for limits on wealth in order to protect political equality and meet unmet urgent needs.

We are hoping for papers which, among other things, engage with the role of limits in theories of justice, reflect on justice and extreme wealth, and/or the way in which a move from ideal theory to non-ideal theory affects the way we should evaluate and respond to extreme wealth.