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Masterclass “Social Justice and Fair Limits to Wealth”

From the 17th to the 19th of February 2020, the Munich School of Philosophy is organizing a philosophical masterclass for junior researchers (PhD and Postdocs) and advanced students focusing on ethics, political philosophy, and theories of distributive justice.

Ingrid Robeyns will teach the masterclass. Texts and discussion at the masterclass will deal with the question whether it is morally bad that people have more than a certain amount of economic resources. Possible questions with regard to introducing a maximum threshold for individual wealth accumulation are “Is it immoral to be rich?”, “Do wealthy individuals undermine political equality?”, “Is individual wealth accumulation just in the face of unmet urgent needs?” and “Should wealthy individuals contribute to climate mitigation or adaptation?”

The masterclass has a pre-read format. Texts will be made available one month before the master class. Participants are expected to prepare these texts in advance. Additionally, each participant is expected to give a short presentation of 10-15 minutes addressing the philosophical question in one of the texts in order to contribute to the discussion. After that the sessions of the master class will be devoted to discussing these questions with Ingrid Robeyns.

Further details on the CfP, participation fees, application, and agenda can be found on the website below. If you are interested in more details you can contact Matthias Kramm, Utrecht University (m.kramm@uu.nl) or Rebecca Gutwald, Munich School of Philosophy (rebecca.gutwald@hfph.de).

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