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Academic events

2 - 3 April 2020
London, UK

Cancelled: Workshop on Sufficiency and Sufficientarianism (University of Liverpool)

This workshop has been cancelled due to measures to counter the spread of the Corona-virus.

The debate on sufficiency has gained momentum in the last few years. Within political philosophy, a group of theories gathered under the label of sufficientarianism has established itself as a contender against the dominating egalitarianism. In the discourse on environmental sustainability, sufficiency has likewise developed an important alternative perspective to, say, technological modernisation.

However, the two trajectories of debate have had fairly little contact and indeed work with two different interpretations of sufficiency. The workshop will bring together scholars and practitioners from ecological science, political theory and philosophy. It will develop the theme of sufficiency and sufficientarianism with a specific focus on sustainability and human needs.

Ingrid Robeyns will present the paper “Towards a political account of human flourishing” on the second day of the workshop.

The workshop is organized by Thomas Shramme and takes place at the University of Liverpool campus in London