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Ingrid Robeyns among Voices for a living planet (WWF)

Ingrid Robeyns has written a call to action for the Voices for a living planet project of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). In her contribution, Robeyns states: “The recent past has not given us any reason to believe that companies and politicians will show the leadership we urgently need to protect the planet.” That’s why, she argues, citizens need to make their voices heard through demonstrations, activism and voting.

WWF writes: “Voices for a living planet brings together a wide variety of voices of thinkers and practitioners from around the world to share their unique views on how, as a global community, we could build a resilient and healthy planet for people and nature in a post COVID-19 world.” Other contributors include Sir David Attenborough, Sheela Patel, Kiundu Waweru, Elena Abrosimova, Klaas van Egmond and Sara Constantino.

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