Fair Limits (project archive)


9 June 2021
19:00 - 20:30

Carbon emissions as a moral issue (Dutch Science Talks series)

Ingrid Robeyns will give a talk on carbon emissions as a moral issue during the renewed Dutch Science Talks series. In this talk, she will focus on the case of the (unequal) distribution of emissions, as well as the (unequal) distribution of both their harmful effects as well as the welfare they enable, and show that this raises a host of moral issues. She will also focus on an important question that divides climate ethicists, namely, should climate-related duties fall on individuals, or should we only focus on structural solutions, and not talk about individual duties? For example, should we all try to fly less, eat less meat, and implement other changes to our lifestyles voluntarily, or is it the wrong focus to put moral demands on individuals?

Registration for this online event is required, and keep in mind the timezone (MSK or UTC+3). More information on the host’s website