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Academic events

19 April 2021
19:30 - 21:00

Using the Capability Approach to Conceptualise Wellbeing (webinar)

Ingrid Robeyns will be the speaker during the second webinar of the webinar series “Multidimensional Well-Being: Concepts, Measurements, & Applications”. The series is hosted by a group of HDCA scholars and is aimed at exchanges between junior and senior researchers and practioners.

Ingrid Robeyns will speak about conceptual issues. From the site: “The capability approach is one of the many different frameworks that can be used to conceptualise well-being. This seminar will address the following questions: How does one use the capability approach to conceptualise wellbeing? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the capability approach to conceptualise well-being? For which purposes is this an appropriate framework, and in which contexts should one consider using another framework? What are the consequences for the deeply inter- and multidisciplinary nature of the capability approach to its conceptualisation of wellbeing? And finally, what are some points of attention to keep in mind if one wants to use this framework not just for conceptualising well-being, but also for empirical research and policy making?”

All are welcome but registration is required, via this page