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13 - 15 June 2019
Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest Conference in Analytical Political Theory

The Bucharest Conference in Analytical Political Theory aims to provide an annual forum for the debate of salient contemporary topics and challenges within the field of political theory, with a specific methodological orientation towards the analytical philosophical tradition. The conference, which is organized by the Bucharest Center for Political Theory, has an international scope, with both Romanian and international scholars amongst the ranks of participants. Keynote Speakers are Ingrid Robeyns & Liam Shields (University of Manchester).

The topic of the first edition concerns – in a broad sense – the value of justice, and in a more narrow sense, the question of thresholds in justice, with a distinct (but not exclusive) focus on the patterns of justice that employ thresholds as part of their conceptual framework: limitarianism and sufficientarianism.

In addition to Robeyns’ keynote, Colin Hickey will present his paper “Sufficiency, Limits, and the Two-Level Threshold Thesis”, and Dick Timmer presents “How Much Is Too Much? On Thresholds in Distributive Justice.”