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Fair Limits

Ecological limits

Deep Dive WWF Living Planet Report 2018

Colin Hickey will deliver a keynote speech at the launch of the Deep Dive WWF Living Planet Report 2018. Hickey’s talk will be about limits and fair distributions of resources. Other speakers include Dascha During, Jos Philips (Utrecht University, Ethics Institute), Klaas van Egmond, Pita Verweij, Detlef van Vuuren (Utrecht University, Copernicus Institute of Sustainable…

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Winter School on Earth System’s Governance

Colin Hickey will give a talk on justice, equality, and the fair allocation of resources at the Winter School on Earth System’s Governance (Utrecht University). The Winter School The earth system governance research community is at a crossroads. The existing Science and Implementation Plan has provided useful guidance to the research community for the past decade….

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OZSW Conference 2018

Colin Hickey, Petra van der Kooij and Dick Timmer will present papers at the annual OSZW Conference. Titles of the papers are: “Finding Its Place: Non-Ideal Political Philosophy and the Contemporary World” (Hickey), “Stratospheric Sulfate Injections: justifications from a non-ideal perspective” (Van der Kooij) and “Political Equality and the Problem of Extreme Wealth” (Timmer).

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Movies that Matter on Tour: Thank You for the Rain

Tim Meijers en Petra van der Kooij zullen tijdens “Movies that Matter on Tour” met het publiek in gesprek gaan over de ethiek van klimaatverandering, na het zien van de documentaire “Thank you for the Rain”. Dit alles vindt plaats in het Kijkhuis te Leiden, op 8 oktober om 19:o0 uur. Tickets zijn verkrijgbaar via…

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Mancept Workshops

Petra van der Kooij will present her paper “Techno-optimism, global solutions and rationalised injustices.” Colin Hickey will present his paper “Distributive Justice and Individual Duties to Create Just Climate Institutions.” Together with Yara Al Salman, Dick Timmer will present a paper entitled “Liberal Neutrality and the Moral Limits of the Market.”

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