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Ingrid Robeyns over rijkdom bij dr Kelder en Co

Op 16 november 2019 was Ingrid Robeyns te gast in het Radio 1 programma ‘dr Kelder & Co’ van Jort Kelder. Ze spraken naar aanleiding van het boek Rijkdom en plannen van de Amerikaanse presidentskandidaat Elizabeth Warren over morele grenzen aan rijkdom. Robeyns: “Enige mate van ongelijkheid is moreel rechtvaardig en het is denk ik…

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“Waarom zou ik? Handelen in een veranderend klimaat” verschijnt in september

Fair Limits en ISVW Uitgevers brengen in september een nieuw boek uit: Waarom zou ik? Handelen in een veranderend klimaat, geschreven door Petra van der Kooij. Het Fair Limits project onderzoekt of er redenen zijn om grenzen aan rijkdom en consumptie te stellen. Naast de academische, filosofisch-ethische benadering van ons onderzoek, proberen wij ook praktische…

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Fair Limits and KNAW symposium on moral responsibility for climate policy

On the 24th of June, Fair Limits, in cooperation with the Royal Dutch Academy for the Sciences (KNAW) hosted an symposium on moral responsibility in the context of climate change. Despite the tropical temperatures outside, the auditorium of the Public Library in Amsterdam was almost fully packed. Ingrid Robeyns kicked off the afternoon by outlining…

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Article in Journal of Human Development and Capabilities

Ingrid Robeyns published her paper “What, if Anything, is Wrong with Extreme Wealth?” in Journal of Human Development and Capabilities. The article is available through open access via this link Abstract This paper proposes a view, called limitarianism, which suggests that there should be upper limits to the amount of income and wealth a person…

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An afternoon with Paula Casal

On Friday the 21st Fair Limits hosted a colloquium around Paula Casal’s (ICREA-Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona) work. We discussed two papers. In “Conservative and conservationist sufficiency” Casal questions the role that sufficiency principles play in theorizing about intergenerational justice. As currently understood, sufficiency principles allow for significant destruction of nature and biodiversity. Casal argues in favour…

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Three Talks in Bucharest

From June 13-15th three members of the Fair Limits team traveled to Romania for the first annual Conference in Analytical Political Theory hosted by the Bucharest Center for Political Theory. The theme of the conference was “Thresholds in Justice: Sufficientarianism and Limitarianism Revisited.” Ingrid Robeyns delivered one of the keynote addresses, “What is Limitarianism?” where…

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